Best Playlists for Ketamine Treatment Sessions & Integration

A roundup of our favorite music and playlists to enhance your Wondermed ketamine treatment sessions to deepen your healing.

man listening to psychedelic ketamine treatment playlists on headphones

Music plays an influential role during psychedelic treatment, such as an at-home ketamine session. When you properly curate your set and setting, you’ll want to carefully choose a music journey that supports your intention and feels aligned with what you seek to gain from the experience.

As a Wondermed patient, you’ll have access to a variety of carefully curated soundscapes that have been tailored specifically to the various stages of your ketamine journey, depending on your unique intention and overall goal of your session.

In addition to these music journeys included with the Wondermed membership, we wanted to provide you with some additional playlists you can check out to deepen your healing.

Here are some of our favorite playlists for therapeutic psychedelic journeys.

Jon Hopkins

Music for Psychedelic Therapy

This playlist, inspired by Hopkins' trip to Ecuador’s ancient caves, is an immersive album filled with sounds of nature and a deeply calming ambiance, spanning the length of one hour.

East Forest

East Forest is a music project of lush and emotional soundscapes designed to enhance spiritual experiences and psychedelic journeys.

In: A Soundtrack For The Psychedelic Practitioner, Vol. II

Music for Mushrooms: A Soundtrack for the Psychedelic Practitioner

Bill Richards

This heavily classical, non-trippy playlist was created by Bill Richards, a founding member of the Johns Hopkins psychedelic research team, whose work has focused on psychedelic psychotherapy.

The playlist is methodically crafted based on Richard’s years of experience in the space and is designed to “give room for a person to fall back on normal patterns of thinking”

“It's important for a volunteer to be supported by compassionate staff and a safe environment. A big part of this is the playlist.

This article dives into the process of how this playlist was crafted.

Mendel Kaelen

These specially curated Spotify playlists were part of a psilocybin depression study at Imperial College London. They feature a mix of ambient and neo-classical music.

Tracy Carver Playlists

Heart Opening


Healing Trauma

Runner Ups

Ketamine assisted Therapy Playlist by Kaila Compton

Psilocybin Therapeutic Music

Bonus Meditation Playlists

Sounds of Nature

Manifestation Frequencies

Binaural Beats

Wondermed on Soundcloud

Meditation on Soundcloud

East Forest: Music Meditations

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