Group Integration in Ketamine Therapy

Discover how integration support groups can deepen the healing impact of ketamine treatment.

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Integration is an essential step in any psychedelic-assisted therapy program. It describes the work you do outside of your sessions to weave the lessons and insights from the experience into your everyday life. 

Integration begins with taking the time to process your experience and understand any emotions and revelations that surfaced. From there, it involves translating these insights into actionable positive changes in your life - new habits, new perspectives, and new ways of thinking about yourself and the world around you - that support your healing long-term.

Integration support groups can be a valuable tool for empowering this lasting transformation and personal growth by providing a space for individuals to share and reflect on their experiences amongst others going through similar journeys.

What is Group Integration?

Group integration creates a structured, supportive environment for individuals who have undergone treatment with ketamine or another psychedelic to come together to discuss and process their experiences. These sessions are typically led by a therapist, coach, or other trained integration facilitator. Group integration allows you to reap the benefits of communal reflection and mutual support, and also provides an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. 

What are the Benefits of Group Integration?

Some individuals find it difficult to describe their experiences during a psychedelic treatment session to people who haven’t experienced it themselves. Group integration circles allow you to connect with others who can relate to what you’ve experienced, allowing you to find comfort in the knowledge that you are understood, validated, and supported. Depression and anxiety often feel isolating, so getting the chance to interact with others who have gone through similar struggles can serve as another important reminder that you’re not alone. 

Group integration circles also expose you to diverse viewpoints and perspectives that might introduce you to new ways of thinking about your own treatment sessions. Getting the chance to learn how others made sense of their experience can help you better understand and look differently at your own.

The presence of a trained facilitator can also be incredibly helpful. A good facilitator will bring a deep knowledge of the medicine and specific training in integration in order to help patients process the experience and navigate the integration process. They’ll also offer non-judgmental guidance, tips, and practical techniques for integrating the lessons and insights learned into everyday life.

How to Participate in Group Integration with Wondermed

The Wondermed program includes free access to weekly group integration circles. During group sessions, participants are encouraged to share their experiences, but they can also choose to sit in simply to listen to other clients speak on their experiences. These weekly integration circles are designed to foster a sense of community and connections between patients to deepen their integration process for further their learning and growth along their own journey. 

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