Ketamine Experiences from Some of Our Favorite Podcast Hosts

Our favorite podcast hosts breakdown their ketamine experiences with industry experts. If you're looking for deeper insight into ketamine treatment for mental health, give these episodes a listen.

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Ketamine treatment is an emerging solution in mental health for conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression and is becoming a popular topic of discussion among industry experts and wellness professionals.

In this article, we dive into our favorite podcast hosts' episodes where they discuss openly about the power of ketamine treatment as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals as well as the future of ketamine and psychedelics as a form of mental health treatment.

If you're looking to prepare yourself for your first Wondermed ketamine treatment  or curious about how ketamine can help you heal your mental health, give one of these podcast episodes a listen.

Aubrey Marcus Podcast | Ketamine And The Mental Health Revolution w/ Dr. Dave Rabin | AMP #316

the Aubrey Marcus podcast ketamine mental health
The Aubrey Marcus Podcast/Spotify

Aubrey Marcus, the founder of Onnit, a company founded on the philosophy of Total Human Optimization utilized by many professional athletes, and the host of the Aubrey Marcus Podcast, interviews Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Neuroscientist, Dr. Dave Rabin:

“We recommend ketamine as an opportunity for people, especially those who have never had psychedelic medicine before to get their feet wet in what an altered state of consciousness is like. It’s only an hour and a half, it’s really safe, if you use it at the doses for therapy over a short amount of time, people don’t have side effects of any significant degree and they do get some of the long term benefits of taking what you learn from the medicine and applying it to your real life. So when MDMA and psilocybin become legal in 2023 we’ll be able to bridge that gap for people and get them into the more in-depth work if they need it.”

The episode dives into more of the nuances on how ketamine at the right doses and with the right setting can be a powerful tool for helping rewrite emotional experiences.

Dr. Dave Rabin also discusses how ketamine can also be used to manifest our desired reality and open up more possibilities for ourselves.

Listen to the full episode:

The Kyle Kingsbury Podcast | #260 Wondermed w/ Jose Munoz and Travis Brewer

the Kyle Kingsbury podcast wondermed ketamine treatment
The Kyle Kingsbury Podcast/Spotify

Kyle Kingsbury, retired UFC fighter, former Director of Human Optimization at Onnit and host of The Kyle Kingsbury Podcast interviews Wondermed’s co-founder, Jose Munoz and Wondermed Patient and American Ninja Warrior Travis Brewer in this episode of the show.

“For the first time ever we’re starting to see mental health instead of a chemical imbalance problem as a hardwiring problem. Everything in our minds is connected through neuroplastic abilities that our brain has through the glutamate in our transmitter system. And ketamine is very special because as a substance it targets that specific neurotransmitter network. So instead of numbing your neurological communication, it actually expands it. So in the duration of the experience of ketamine, there is this process called the neuroplastic window that gets created which usually lasts about 7 days. The biggest breakthrough that it has is that it allows people to create new neurological connections to think about their life and to think about the state that they're in from a different perspective.”

Wondermed’s ultimate goal is to impact the most lives possible by focusing on making psychedelic medicine such as ketamine accessible, keeping the monthly cost for the medicine low, and expanding the telemedicine platform to more states.
This episode sheds more light on the incredible insight and experience that can be had working with ketamine, especially from the perspective of human optimization and Travis’ personal experience and accomplishments since using the Wondermed protocol.

Listen to the full episode:

The Verywell Mind Podcast with Amy Morin | Can Ketamine Cure Your Depression and Anxiety? with Physician Assistant Lauren Swanson

the verywell mind podcast ketamine cure depression
The VeryWell Mind Podcast/Spotify

Host Amy Morin of The VeryWell Mind Podcast interviews board-certified physician assistant who prescribes ketamine via telehealth medicine platform, Wondermed.

Lauren Swanson explains how she has seen ketamine make huge differences in the lives of people who are battling anxiety, depression, PTSD and substance abuse disorders.

“If you give a really high dose you’re going to put someone to sleep. If you go slightly under the person could have a really scary experience. Where the person can have a really ungrounded experience. We’re looking at the dose under that. You’re in an altered state. You know where you are. You know what you’re doing, and you use this altered state to actually see things differently. It’s really hard to put in words and even with western medicine to explain how this actually happens. But it puts you in this altered state, it allows you to visualize your life differently, see things through a different lens, come out of it with a new perspective. Pull out insights into your life that can be used. [And] it lasts an hour.”

Swanson also talks about the neuroplastic benefits of ketamine that happen almost instantly after a session. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to build new neural connections, giving you the ability to change your thought patterns. This becomes helpful for someone who has anxiety or depression who has a negative thought pattern ruminating. When this combination of the priming of new neural connections to build new thoughts and the immediate feelings of decreased anxiety under ketamine, profound changes can happen rapidly.

Listen to the full episode:

Gutsy Health | S2Ep - Ketamine Therapy - How It’s Changing PTSD, Anxiety & Depression

Gutsy Health ketamine therapy ptsd anxiety depression
Gutsy Holistic Health/Spotify

Gutsy Holistic Health Podcast deep dives into health topics that aren’t well understood by the majority of people including many healthcare professionals. Their goal is to give you the tools to feel self-empowered when it comes to your own health and wellness journey by sharing the secrets to make it possible.

On this episode, they interview Dr. Michael Sapiro, a clinical psychologist, psychedelic assisted therapist, Dharma teacher, and meditation researcher about the use of ketamine therapy.

Dr. Sapiro analyzes how ketamine enables us to do our own healing work and growth by allowing us to feel safe and supported.

“How ketamine functions is it puts the nervous system in a state that we could consider more parasympathetic, a little bit downregulated. Because your body is on its own, you're essentially dissociated, but you can still feel and be in the body. But it has a sense of freedom and ease.”

Ketamine is a gentle healer in comparison to other psychedelic therapy modalities, making it a much more accessible option for those looking to empower their inner healer.

Listen to the full episode to hear specific examples of how ketamine can help you work through deep trauma and grow beyond it.

Listen to the full episode:

The Third Wave | The Science of Ketamine: What’s Really Going on in Your Brain

Third wave podcast ketamine treatment mental health
Third Wave Podcast/Spotify

In this episode of The Third Wave Podcast, Jeffrey Becker, M.D. and host Paul Austin have an expansive discussion regarding ketamine’s current and future use as a psychedelic. Becker, M.D. is one of the earliest researchers and advocates for ketamine’s use in healing pain, depression and addiction.

This episode narrows in on the safe and responsible use of psychedelics as they become mainstream, the connection between mysticism and science, as well as the future these substances have ahead of them.

Becker, M.D. gives us a unique visual understanding of how the science of ketamine works:

“Ketamine gets on to the chandelier cell, it looks preferentially. So it turns off this inhibitory tone. Turns it down. You can think of it kind of like a dial. It depends on the dose. You do it enough, you really are, there’s so much disinhibition that you don’t even know you’re human anymore. A little bit, and you still have all of your biographical narrative information available to you, you still knowing who you are, but things open up. Psychedelics work completely differently. In the end, there is an increase in signal with ketamine, but ketamine is like opening up an aperture so more light can come through the aperture, but you’re not necessarily strongly increasing the amount of light available. There is a little bit of an increase in the light available, I don’t wanna mis-speak. It’s a little complicated, there is probably some glutaminergic activity on AMPA receptors on pyramidal cell so I don’t wanna mis-speak, but for our purposes, it’s about opening the aperture.”

Listen to the full episode:

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