Real-Life Success Stories: How Ketamine Treatment Has Transformed Our Patients' Lives

Wondermed patients share the powerful positive changes they've experienced from our at-home ketamine treatment program.

Real-Life Success Stories: How Ketamine Treatment Has Transformed Our Patients' Lives

Some responses have been edited for brevity and clarity.

Charles, Age 78: “The results I've experienced from [the Wondermed program] have been nothing short of astronomical. It was like going from playing a character my whole life to finally realizing who I am and feeling comfortable in my own skin. I've experienced a release of a tremendous amount of anxiety, and gained a sense of calmness and clarity about life. Try it, because it could change your life. It changed mine."

Anonymous: "It feels like a weight has been lifted, like armor has fallen off. My perspective has dramatically changed. I’m less reactive and better able to cope with difficulties as they arise.”

Jared, Age 28: “It’s like going to therapy, but you're empowered to be sort of your own therapist. I noticed a difference in how I think about myself fairly immediately - I see myself more in a much more positive light now.”

Galen, Age 69: “The guidance and support provided [by Wondermed] have been absolutely exceptional and have made the journey a very pleasant one. I looked at other options before choosing Wondermed, but I'm really glad I chose you guys!”

Tammy, Age 49: “Words cannot explain the benefits I experienced from the Wondermed program - it's something you have to feel for yourself. Life-changing.”

Ariana, Age 27: “During sessions, I experienced a few "breakthroughs." I also had flashbacks to memories I'd suppressed, which I found really interesting. It honestly feels like new parts of my brain have been unlocked.”

Lienna, Age 45: “My sessions are going great! I journal before and after; I use everything on the app, the sound tracks, everything. I'm really happy with this program, with the outcome of the sessions, and the tools provided. I've recommended Wondermed to a few coworkers as well.”

Emerson, Age 45: “I always really look forward to my sessions. I always leave with a lasting feeling of calmness. The [Wondermed] program helped me develop greater compassion for my anxiety. I feel as though I see my world from a place of higher intelligence.”

Walter, Age 54: Walter entered the program with major depression, social anxiety, and neuropathic pain. After one month, he reported his neuropathic pain was completely absent for five to six hours following each session. After two months, he tapered off medication, and at three months, he reported a desire for more engagement with his children. Walter told us he feels more energized both mentally and physically. 

Tiffany, Age 42: Tiffany entered the program with generalized anxiety and misophonia, a disorder where individuals experience a strong negative emotional reaction and a deep sense of distress in response to common sounds that typically go unnoticed by others. One of Tiffany's major triggers was sounds of others eating or chewing. After two months of treatment with Wondermed, she reported her misophonia has resolved, and she is now going out to eat with friends and joining her family at the table for meals.

Joey, Age 24: “I felt the love, the world is connected and I belong to it.”


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